White Label Products

Flora Industries (Flora) offers established and emerging retail chains products that retailers can brand under the retailers brand name, offering substantial revenue enhancement opportunities while providing their customers with high quality products at hugely discounted rates.

Flora has been white-labeling consumer favorites for years and have established a proven process that offers retailers substantial additional revenue streams while removing all the effort involved in bringing these products to market.

Flora offers distinct advantages to retailers.
  • Flora is an ISO 9001 certified company.
  • Flora operates in accordance with current Good Manufacturing Proceses (cGMP).
  • Flora has developed Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's) for all its processes.
  • Flora offers "Product Quality Guarantee" that is unmatched in the industry.
  • Flora offers best practices in Supply-Chain-Management (SCM) ensuring that retailers get their goods on time and making sure their retailers shelves are never empty.
  • Flora also offers the fastest turn-around-time on goods through its just-in-time approach to manufacturing.
  • Flora meets all "weights & measures" regulatory requirements.
  • Flora offers a wide range of products & designs to pick from, ensuring that your consumers have the widest choices vis-a-vis your competition.
  • Flora design team works with your merchandising team to create products that meet your specific requirements.
  • Flora designs & manufacturing packaging that meets your brands strict guidelines, enhancing the value of your brand.
  • At Flora White-labeling is not just excess capacity, but its a real business model which our business processes are engineered to deliver, all the way from sales to product design to ongoing support.
  • Our sophisticated ERP offers you real-time snapshot of the production lines that we setup for you and with our EDI capabilities we reduce the burden of managing disparate systems.


What is White-Labeling?
White-labeling refers to the practice of retailers putting their label on a product that is manufactured by high-quality, low-cost manufacturer of repute which are then put on their shelves to be sold to consumers who visit the retailers stores.

What are the benefits of white-labeling?
1) Increased revenue of retailers, generally offering a generous margin to the retailer.
2) Ability to provide High-quality, lower cost product choices to their consumers, increasing loyalty.
3) Allows retailers to focus on their core-business of retailing, while leveraging white-label manufacturers capability to provide high-quality products.
4) Retailers can create genuine competitive advantage by differentiating themselves from other retailers with their unique white-labeled products.
5) Retailers can more precisely control their supply chain and ensure that their selves are stocked adequately and avoid lost sales due to product unavailability.
6) Retailers can generally aggressively price or offer special promotions for these white-label products to generate footfall and attract consumers to their stores, especially during lean periods.

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